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For "Those" Times

Regardless of your age or income, in mere seconds, everything you might have worked for can be lost in a lawsuit. Rear-ending another car on the highway, having a guest fall and get hurt at your home during an event, or making a comment about your neighbor that they take offense to, are just a few of the ways one can be sued. An Umbrella Insurance policy is an affordable way to protect your assets and your future.

Did you ever stop to wonder where the money comes from once you exceed the liability on your home or auto policies?

How Much Umbrella Protection
Do You Need?

You can’t know if you’re going to be at fault in an auto accident that will end someones career and be held financially responsible for paying their lost wages, or if you are going to be deemed liable for a fire that destroys a high value property.

Do I Really Need It?

You don’t have to be a multi- millionaire to benefit from the coverages given to you by an Umbrella. Lots of people feel that the liability limits on their home and auto is more than enough. But the truth is, you are wrong and  by having an added layer of liability will protect your current assets as well as any future earnings.

Have you ever stopped to wonder where the money would come from once you exceed the liability on your home or auto policies? If you have an Umbrella Insurance policy, the loss will be covered, but if you are without this protection, it’s likely that the courts will come after your assets in the event you are found liable for damages caused to another person, or their property.

We Also Offer These Additional
Umbrella Coverages:

Excess Business Liability

Underinsured Motorist Liability

Uninsured Motorist Liability