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Golf Cart Insurance

Make sure you are protecting your golf cart and its passengers.

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Golf Cart Insurance for Cumming, GA

Custom golf carts are becoming a more regular sight and these vehicles are often lifted or enhanced with additional speed and horsepower. If you plan to use your golf cart as a road vehicle or in a subdivision, it is important that you obtain a separate liability policy for the vehicle.

Some states require golf cart insurance. In Arizona, for instance, golf cart owners are required by law to have liability insurance if they use the vehicle on roads. So, be sure to check your state’s laws to help determine if golf cart insurance is required where you live. Even if you’re not legally required to buy golf cart insurance, it may make sense for you to do so. Golf carts can get stolen or damaged, and they can also cause serious damage or injuries in an accident.

Here’s a look at how each coverage in a golf cart insurance policy works:

Property damage liability. If you are found legally responsible for an accident where your golf cart damaged another person’s property —their car or house, for instance —this coverage may help you pay to repair the damage.

Bodily injury liability. If you cause an accident with your golf cart that hurts another person, this coverage may help you pay for the other person’s medical bills and other related expenses.

Collision coverage. This coverage may help you pay for repairs to your own golf cart, regardless of who is at fault, if you collide with another cart or object in an accident.

Comprehensive coverage. If your golf cart is stolen or damaged by something other than a collision —fire or hail, for instance —this coverage may help pay to repair the damage.

There are other bells and whistles you may be able add to an insurance policy, too. For instance, some insurers offer coverage for custom parts like headlights or a stereo.

And, you may be able to increase your liability coverage limits above what’s provided by a golf cart policy if you purchase a separate umbrella insurance policy.
Policyholders in subdivisions will often have a golf cart they use for short runs to the clubhouse or to visit neighbors. These scenarios can create significant liability gaps and will typically require the purchase of a separate policy to properly insure the vehicle and avoid coverage gaps.

As with any insurance policy, coverage limits will apply. A limit is the maximum amount your policy will pay toward a covered claim. You may also need to pay your deductible, which is your share of a covered claim.

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